The renaissance talent of Timothy Sens are beautiful expressions of artistic style that is immediately recognized as a unique and personal statement of line, texture and form.  Timothy is an accomplished artist in the areas of jewelry design and fine art photography.

His career as an artist spans some forty years and includes owning and operating a gallery of fine jewelry for ten of those years, showcasing primarily his own designs in Boulder, Colorado, where he resided until 2003.  After twenty five years of living in Boulder, Timothy chose to move to Austin,Texas. Although still very much involved in the creation and marketing of his jewelry design, his interest in Photography has gradually come to the forefront of his creative efforts and energies.

He States:

“Photography was always in the background for me. I love seeing my images in print.  What drew me further into this medium was the stunning natural beauty of the Hill Country surrounding Austin.  Combined with the technological changes of digital cameras and the improvements in printing over the past ten years, the photographic medium has become irresistible and has occupied ever more of my creative efforts and artistic direction.”

Timothy currently markets his jewelry to a clientele in Austin, Texas and throughout the United States.  He has won several awards with his designs including the De Beers Diamond of Distinction Award and his photography has been published in a number of trade magazines and local publications.  He was a major contributor to the book, Austin Visions, a photographic essay  of what makes Austin unique, published in 2008.  He also markets limited edition fine art photographs and is represented through various art consultants.  Photographic installations include: VA Outpatient Clinic in San Antonio, Texas;  Solis Mammography Women’s Clinic;  University of Texas, Austin, Texas; St. David’s Hospital Systems, Austin, Texas; Seton Hospitals, Austin, Texas; Oasis Hospital, Arizona; Texas Mutual Insurance Company, Austin, Texas and others.

In 2015, Timothy moved into the exploration of contemplative and minimalistic photography and chose to devote his full attention and time to the photographic process.  The relevance of photography as a meditative practice as an art medium has instilled his imagery with a distinct quality that calls forth a heart felt experience of stillness and beauty for the viewer.

Currently, in 2020, this artist is focused on the creation of artworks as seen on the opening page of the website.These digital New Media creations begin with portions of Timothys photography that are manipulated using  Photoshop and other digital tools to create the stunning abstracts that you see in the opening slideshow.The printed artwork is presented under acrylic glass which gives the art a subtle 3D effect that adds to the unique beauty and stunning detail of these limited edition works.

Timothy currently resides with his wife Elyse in the Hill Country near Austin,Texas. 

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